Apple Forced To Correct Anatomy Of Several Emojis After Online Drama

Apple users are not happy.

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Apple Forced To Correct Anatomy Of Several Emojis After Online Drama

Wow, big changes.

If you are an Apple iPhone user who cares a lot about the anotomy of animals (so random, we know), you will be pleased to know that the smartphone maker is here to make you happy.

AFP-Relaxnews reported that Apple has finally modified the emojis of several animals following online outcry that they do not resemble their real life counterparts.

The emojis in question are the ones for the octopus, squid and mosquito.

So, what's new with these emojis, you ask? 
First up, the octopus emoji has been given a row of suckers on each of its front tentacles, because that's what an octopus have, right? Then, for the squid, Apple shifted its siphon to the rear side. Before this, the squid’s siphon was in the middle of its face.
As for the mosquito emoji, it has now been updated with six legs. Previously, the mosquito emoji only has five legs.

To be honest, we weren't even counting, so good job Internet sleuths.
The changes via the recently released iOS 13.1 update also modified several other emojis, such as the hearts on all the face emojis (including the Heart Eyes, Face Blowing a Kiss, and the Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Eyes emojis), which have been replaced with the official Apple Red Heart emoji.
Other emojis that we probably have never used that have also gotten an upgrade include the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece (which is now green instead of blue), the Cow Face (which is now less shadowed) and the Abacus (which now has a new orientation to make it more historical accurate).

Thank you, Apple, for making the octopus, squid and mosquito community happy with the updates, but if you could spend more time on improving the battery life of the iPhone, that would be great.

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