University Student Raises RM600 On Twitter To Buy Watch For Cleaner

Aww, bless his heart.

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University Student Raises RM600 On Twitter To Buy Watch For Cleaner

Bless your sweet, sweet heart.

Most of us are blessed enough to walk into a shop and get a brand-new watch if we need one.

However, some of us could only be wishful about our desires.

The perfect example would be the story of one cleaner who works at a local university. She really needed a watch but unfortunately, she couldn’t afford one.

But thanks to a kind-hearted Malaysian and the power of social media, we have this extremely heartwarming story.

A student who goes to the university highlighted the cleaner's plight in a series of tweets last week.

The student, simply known as Mahathir, said the cleaning desperately needed a watch as the new watch that she bought from a buy-one-get-one-free deal for RM30 became faulty.

The time on the watch apparently got stuck at 8.30 after it got wet due to her daily job of cleaning the toilets in the university. As a result, she would often miss her ride home.
The friendly cleaner told Mahathir that she really needed a water-resistant watch because of the nature of her job

“She always asked about my watch because other students have recommended it but she can’t afford since she’s a single mum,” Mahathir wrote.

The kind-hearted Mahathir then started a donation drive on his Twitter account, to help fund the cleaner’s new watch.
To Mahathir's surprise, the donations rolled in and he managed to raise RM600 from the public.
As promised, Mahathir went and got the cleaner a brand new watch, and the sweet boy even gave her a 'Thank You' card.
However, when Mahathir passed the new watch to the cleaner, she refused to take it but in the end, gave in to his persuasion. Mahathir then revealed that there was extra cash available after he purchased the watch, so with it, he bought rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, flour and sugar for the lady and the other cleaners in the university.

He would also distribute the extra money to the cleaner so that she could use it on her kids.
Awww…we definitely need more Mahathirs in the world! 

Well done, young man. We hope that your heartwarming and selflessness would inspire more Malaysians to do the same.

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