This Talented 5-Year-Old Is Already A Master Puppeteer In Wayang Kulit

He has been invited to perform in Singapore and China.

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This Talented 5-Year-Old Is Already A Master Puppeteer In Wayang Kulit
The Star

He is already a master at the art.

Most children we know today are either addicted to the television or busy watching cartoons on mobile devices. It is very rare to see kids playing like how we used to in our childhood days.

But this five-year-old is defying odds with his talent.

At a tender age, Aqfierudzar Rizq Mohd Sulhie discovered that he is good in wayang kulit, a form of art that is beginning to dwindle among the younger generation.

Sadly, wayang kulit Kelantan is now a dying art.
Not only is he spending most of his time on this unusual hobby for children his age, he is also working hard to be a tok dalang, also known as a master puppeteer and storyteller.

He first dabbled into wayang kulit when he was only three years old thanks to his father Mohd Sulhie Yusuf, who is also his personal coach.

According to The Star, the five-year-old started performing with a wayang kulit group called Arjunasukma.

"If there is a last-minute invitation and he cannot prepare in time, Pyu will improvise the performance of his character," Mohd Sulhie said.

He found his son to be very responsible, calm and confident whenever he is on stage.

Have you personally seen a wayang kulit performance?
The young talent has also been invited to perform wayang kulit in Singapore and China. How amazing is that!

His parents, who founded Arjunasukma Academy in Klang, hopes to continue preserving the art of Kelantanese wayang kulit.

Well, Pyu has many more years to master his skills in shadow puppet plays so we look forward to see him spread this culture across the nation, region and the world!

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