Google To Introduce New App That Automatically Calls Emergency Services If You're In A Car Crash

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Google To Introduce New App That Automatically Calls Emergency Services If You're In A Car Crash
We know, we know; in this digital day and age, technology can sometimes do more harm than good, but that doesn't mean that there are no beneficial techs out there.

One company that has always been on the forefront of this movement is none other than Google.

From Google Translate to Google Maps and even the Google Assistant, their tech has no doubt made our lives easier.

And soon, they will be launching an app that could very well save your life. 

Yep, the tech giant is set to offer an application that automatically calls emergency services in case you get into an accident.

According to tech website XDA Developers, through the feature, your smartphone can detect a car accident and immediately call emergency numbers if the driver could not do so.

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How the tech will work.
Using a smartphone's accelerometer and even the microphone, the application (called 'Personal Safety' for now) will actively detect an accident.

If it detects one, it will loudly ring an alarm or vibrate. If there is no response to the alert, it will then automatically call emergency services, providing them with your location so that they could find you.

Pretty impressive, right?

Smart enough to detect if you're in an accident.
However, we might need to wait a bit if we want to download this application (if Google makes this a free app, that is). 

According to the website, the Personal Safety application is only available in the US at the moment.

On top of that, Google is making the application available on the Play Store for users of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL smartphones, which is set to be released on 15 October.

Guess we would just have to wait and see then.

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