7 Things Only Malaysian Drivers Can Relate To


Because we Malaysian drivers are the best.

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7 Things Only Malaysian Drivers Can Relate To

Driving in Malaysia is sometimes not fun.

Born in a diverse and multi-cultural country like Malaysia, we are blessed with great experiences.

We get to travel around the country just to have yummy food, and when we are sick and tired of the city life, we could just pack our bags and head to one of hundreds of islands in the country for a quick getaway.

But the greatest Malaysian experience is not the holidays or the food: it is actually driving on Malaysian roads.

This is what we see every day!
Ask any Malaysian, and they can tell you that if you can survive driving in Malaysia, you can survive a zombie apocalypse.

That’s because it takes more than just courage and bravery to drive around town; you need lots of patience too.

So, if you own a Malaysian driving license and you rely on your trusty little car to get around town on a daily basis, we are pretty sure you can relate to these seven things:

#1 Parking space depends on your creativity

There’s no parking place anywhere? No problem, because for us Malaysians, the words ‘no parking space’ do not exist in our vocabulary. Double park, triple park, on a curb, below the river; if you’re a Malaysian driver, anywhere is a good place to park your car. You just need to have the b-lls for it.  

#2 Signaling is a sign of weakness

It’s not that we don’t want to indicate when we are switching lanes, it’s just that we feel indicating is a sign of weakness. The other drivers are like sharks, and your turn signals are like blood; the moment they see it, they will cut you off. So, don’t show ‘em sharks no weakness!

#3 Heavy rain on Fridays is a death sentence

Driving home after a long day at work while it’s raining is one thing, but have you tried driving home on a rainy Friday? We feel they should substitute the death penalty with a drive around town on a rainy Friday, because you’ll die a long, very painful death.

#4 Empty parking spot? Nope, Perodua Kancil!

Want to feel extremely happy one second, and pure anger the next? Try looking for a parking space at Jalan Telawi and finding one, only to find a small car has been parking there since 1987 the moment you turn in. That’s why the Hulk is always angry, we feel.

#5 Yellow boxes mean stop here

And the bigger the yellow box is, the more cars can fit inside.

#6 Washing your car is like a game of chance

Behind Door #1: birds poop on your newly-washed car. Behind Door #2: Thunderstorm is going to come. Please choose one as your prize, and no, you can’t go home empty handed, sorry.

#7 Jams caused by drivers stopping the car just to check out an accident

…on the other side of the road! It’s like you are not a true-blue Malaysian until you’ve stopped your car just to kepoh and take pictures of the accident so that you could send it to your friends or family. Remember to also check that the car registration number is visible, because, you know, Chinese things. 
We know, we know; the things we mentioned above are just some of the annoying habits that we Malaysians should avoid doing on the road.

You know what they say: if you want to have a pleasurable driving experience, it starts with you because the angrier you get on the road, the more you turn into the type of driver you loathe.

Here’s a pro tip: if you’re sitting in a cockpit of an extremely comfortable car, you’ll feel less annoyed by the drivers around you.

And one car that has that effect is none other than the Honda HR-V.
The Honda HR-V has the complete package to be the best in its class: from its sporty new look to its safety features and of course, the comfy factor; it ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance and styling.

It comes in two different variants (other than the E and V variants):
  1. Honda HR-V RS version that is powered by a 1.8 CVT petrol engine that comes with Variable Gear Ratio feature (VGR), an eight-way driver power seat, stylish anti-slip sport pedals and on the outside, sports-type front grille and mesh-style front foglamp garnish and black full leather seats.
  2. Honda HR-V Hybrid, the first hybrid compact SUV in Malaysia, that runs on the Sport Hybrid i-DCD system which ensures optimum fuel efficiency and an exhilarating performance. It is powered by a high-power lithium ion battery, as well as a 1.5-litre DOHC i-VTEC engine with direct injection.

No matter which variant you decide to go with, don’t worry; you’ll be getting the best features inside and outside.

On the outside, you’ll get a redesigned and sportier chrome front grille and sharper, more angular headlamps (complete with LED daytime running lights).

The RS variant also comes with an 18-inch two-tone diamond cut alloy wheels for that extra sexiness, while the Hybrid version gets a 17-inch dual tone wheels.

On the inside, you’ll get a tonne of space, and we mean a tonne! The HR-V boasts class-leading cabin space, in terms of legroom and boot space.

With the rear seats up, the HR-V RS has 437 litres of boot space. When the seats are folded, the number jumps to 1,032 litres

The HR-V also comes with three customisable multi-utility cargo space modes: tall mode, long mode and utility mode. You can now safely shop for furniture at IKEA without having to worry how to transport it back.

Of course, you’ll also get the latest and greatest safety features with both the Honda HR-V variants.

On top of the usual safety features you would expect from a class-leading SUV – six airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) feature, Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and the Auto Brake Hold (ABH) function – you’ll also get the state-of-the-art LaneWatch system, a pair of cameras that help you reduce blind spots so that you can change lanes safely.

If you opt for the Hybrid version of the Honda HR-V, you'll also get a list of additional features that its cousin, the RS version, won't get.

For example, the HR-V Hybrid features a cutting-edge Shift By Wire gearstick designed specifically for Honda Hybrid vehicles and also a 3D Illuminated Meter Cluster that shows your car’s energy flow and consumption.

And if you're in the mood for some speed, the Hybrid also boasts a Sport Mode, so you can experience superior driving performance on the highway.

Check out some of the additional features on the Hybrid below:

You see, when you’re sitting in a Honda HR-V, no Malaysian drivers can irk you anymore because you’ll be enjoying your drive – even on a rainy Friday evening.

If you’re considering bringing one home, the Honda HR-V RS is priced at RM124,800, while the price tag on the Hybrid model is RM120,800.

For more information, head on over to Honda Malaysia’s official website by clicking here.

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