Teen Tattooes Names Of Her Favourite Chinese Food After Taking Mom's Dare

What a bold move.

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Teen Tattooes Names Of Her Favourite Chinese Food After Taking Mom's Dare

What do you think of her tattoo?

When people get tattooes, they would normally go for meaningful symbols, favourite items or memories, or names of their loved ones.

This British teenager takes it one step further by tattooing her favourite food.

According to LADbible, it all started when Ellie Campbell’s mother made a bet with her that she would never have a tattoo of her favourite Chinese takeaway order.

Mrs Campbell said if she dared to do so, she would order the food for her.

So what does one do when they really want something they're craving for?

We'll go for nasi lemak.
The girl took the dare and got her favourite "sweet and sour chicken, fried noodles with beef, fried rice with egg, and chicken ball" tattooed on the side of her body.

"Originally, when we made the bet, my mum said she'd treat me to a Chinese if I got it done. She honestly didn't think I'd get it done at the time. She is yet to buy me one, however," she said.

"I think if she pays, she wants me to go and order one with my new tattoo!”

Campbell said even her tattoo artist questioned her about her choice of words to get inked. Well, who wouldn't?

Is this a smart move?
"I said that it was my Chinese order and at first he laughed, obviously thinking I was joking. He asked me if I was joking, to which I replied that I was being serious!" she said.

"He then laughed and almost praised me for being so bold. He said not many grown adults, let alone a 19-year-old, would ever have the balls to get their Chinese order tattooed on them!"

What do you think about her choice of tattoo?

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