This Woman Sells Guinea Pig Ice Cream Made Out Of The Actual Flesh

This is not a joke.

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This Woman Sells Guinea Pig Ice Cream Made Out Of The Actual Flesh
Don’t we all love to have a scoop of icy cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day?

Whether it is the traditional chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours, or the fusion durian, cempedak or teh tarik flavours, we all have different preferences when it comes to this cold dessert.

Now, here's an unusual flavour -- would you try Guinea Pig ice cream?

No, it’s not something that we made up, nor is it just a creative name for a regular ice cream flavour.

This really exists in Ecuador and it contains actual guinea pig flesh!

Please don't.

According to Unilad,  a lady named María del Carmen Pilapaña sells the ice cream as part of the menu at her ice cream stall.

So how exactly does she prepare them? (Warning: don't read on if you have a weak stomach)

God help our stomachs.
Pilapaña would cook the guinea pig meat and preparing a plate of flesh. She would then add milk or cream and refrigerate the mixture until reaches the consistency of ice cream.

If that is not strange enough, she also serves beetle ice cream in her stall.

Apparently, the weird ice cream flavour is very popular because she sells 150 servings of guinea pig ice cream priced at $1 per cone.

But why?
"My family and my husband thought I was crazy. They didn’t think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they’re our main product,” she said.

Pilapaña, hopes to introduce more flavours in her ice cream, like crab, chicken and pork.

What do you think of these flavours? Do you think Malaysians are able to accept them?

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