How To Break Up The Right Way

Minimise the damage and the consequences.

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How To Break Up The Right Way
So let's face it, breaking up with someone rarely ends well unless both parties are incredibly rational or robots. In an ideal situation, we can at least leave the situation with no breakdowns or violent outbursts. Read on to learn a few rules to a decent breakup.

#1 Do it in person
This should be a no brainer but with the world steadily going online, ending it through text or a phone call has become a trend. It wasn’t okay 20 years ago and it’s not okay now. Even though, the relationship has come to an end, it was still a journey that included respect and love so it should end with those things as well. We owe the other person to do it face to face at least.


#2 Never in public
Try to be alone with each other when speaking to each other. This is to ensure feelings of embarrassment don't take over and cause further harm. A controlled environment will benefit all and can only be accomplished with the absence of a crowd. Plus, the relationship was between the two of you and ending it should be between the two of you. While there are some people who can handle break ups discreetly, there are some who totally loses it, such as the man in this video;

Source: People’s Daily, China 人民日报

#3 Get all the feels out
This is an important one which often goes overlooked. It is an uncomfortable subject and most will want to get it done fast like a band aid but if not everything is said, one of you might end up bottling their feelings up only for it to explode later in an inappropriate way. Think of it as what you are obligated to do after initiating a relationship.


#4 Don’t get your friends involved
For couples that have been together for a long time, their friends tend to be all the same people. It’s a good bet that they even regularly hang out in the same circles. When making the decision to break up, you need to go in with the mindset that it’s not fair to make your friends take sides or take their choices too personally. Be prepared to lose some friends, there’s just no other way.


#5 Allow space to heal
Don't agree to be friends immediately afterwards, it will never work out. Each of you needs space apart to create an identity as single people and it will only confuse the other party if you see each other all the time. Some exes can be best friends but normally they start confusing being single with being lonely and get back with each other.


There’s no way to have the perfect breakup, it simply does not exist but you can try the above tips to lessen the negative impact and conserve some of the happy memories made when you were together. Watch episode 10 of WTF and have a listen to what they have to say.

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