A Company Is Making A Phone Case That Feels Like Real Human Skin Because Why Not?

But, why?

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A Company Is Making A Phone Case That Feels Like Real Human Skin Because Why Not?
Marc Teyssier

Just like your skin.

You know how sometimes people say that smartphones are a part of your body now as you can't seem to put it down? 

A company in France has decided to play on that - by creating a smartphone case that feels just like real-life human skin!

News website Unilad reported that the unique phone case was created by Marc Teyssier and his colleagues at Telecom Paris.

By using artificial skin, the case is reportedly said to be creepily realistic and flesh-like.

According to Teyssier, the phone case even doubles up as a laptop touchpad or a remote control, so you can use it for all your typical touch commands, such as tapping to select, sliding to scroll or pinching to zoom in and out.

You can pinch it like you mean it.
Oh, that's not even the most geli part: apparently, the case is capable of reacting to your touches, which means different finger motions will provoke certain emotions.

For example, when you stroke it, it will elicit the feeling of comfort.

So, we're guessing that if you tickle it, it will...laugh?

You can use it as a trackpad too!
There are two prototype covers available – one that has a smooth surface and another that has a human-like texture. 

“The constraint was to develop something that was stretchable and that can also detect touch,” Teyssier, who is set to present his work at the ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium in New Orleans later this month, was quoted as saying.

Next, Teyssier plans to make the skin even more realistic by adding heat sensors, so, you know, you can get creeped out more.

Would you buy one if it becomes available?

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