Japan Is Set To Build A Life-Size 'Godzilla' Theme Park Attraction

Imagine the fun.

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Japan Is Set To Build A Life-Size 'Godzilla' Theme Park Attraction

Are you ready to accept this mission?

Japan has a knack for building life-size models of your favourite pop culture characters, just like the humoungous Gundam statue in Tokyo.

While we are waiting for them to build a life-size statue of our favourite childhood hero Ultraman - how cool would that be, right? - they have set their sights on building a life-size statue of another pop culture icon.

And this one, you actually get to interact with it!

Website Kotaku reported that Japan has unveiled a Godzilla theme park attraction, featuring a life-size head and upper body of everyone's favourite Japanese monster.

The Godzilla attraction, said to be the first life-sized permanent attraction of its kind in the world, will be opened at the Nijigen no More amusement park located on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.

According to the report, the statue will be around 120 meters long and based on the Godzilla that appeared in the 2016 'Shin Godzilla' movie.

Very big, very scary.
Kill it, kill it with fire!
So, what can you do inside this Godzilla-thingy?

Kotaku, quoting a report from IT Media, said that park visitors will be playing the role of researchers whose mission is to destroy Godzilla from the inside. One mission, according to the website, requires visitors to shoot Godzilla's cells.

But here's the cool bit: you enter the attraction by zip lining into Godzilla's mouth!

How fun does that sound?

A mock-up of the Godzilla attraction.
Are you ready to go inside his tummy?
Let's hope it looks as good in real life.
Also, you don't really have to wait that long to accept the mission to destroy Godzilla, as the attraction is reportedly set to open in summer 2020.

What are you waiting for, guys? You gotta start saving up if you want to be one of the first to check Godzilla out.

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