This Mat Salleh Travels Over 9,000km To M’sia Just Because He Was Craving For Nasi Lemak

Funnily, he transited in Singapore before flying into Malaysia.

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This Mat Salleh Travels Over 9,000km To M’sia Just Because He Was Craving For Nasi Lemak
How far and how extreme would you go to satisfy your love for food?

For one Englishman, his love for Malaysian nasi lemak sent him on a 9,656km journey from Greece.

Online entrepreneur and YouTuber Darren Cronian developed a sudden craving for nasi lemak after coming across a photo of it on Instagram.

As he was about to board a ferry to his intended destination, he made a spontaneous decision instead; taking a trip of a lifetime to travel all the way from Athens to Kuala Lumpur to treat his nasi lemak addiction.

Cronian posted a video on his YouTube channel which chronicled his gastronomical journey to Malaysia.

The video has raked up close to 60,000 views to date.

In the video, he was initially debating whether to change his travelling plans since he will be going to Malaysia in about two and a half months, but Cronian ultimately got on the next available flight to KL.

And to illustrate how much he loves our nasi lemak, he actually transited in Singapore prior to arriving in Malaysia. He could easily get a plate of hot, piping nasi lemak in Singapore, but he chose to carry on with his journey to KL instead.

 In an interview with the Malay Mail, the Brit told the English daily that his love for nasi lemak began five years ago when he first visited Malaysia.

Who doesn't love nasi lemak?
“It was literally the first Malaysian dish that I’d tasted on my first visit to Kuala Lumpur, and like a typical British guy, I ate each item on the plate individually,” Cronian said.

“After watching a local eat nasi lemak with his fingers, and mixing up all of the ingredients, it made me want to do the same.”

Five years on, the former IT consultant frequently makes a trip to Malaysia a few times a year and stays for a month or two to embark on a foodie adventure. He calls Malaysia his "second home".

We totally get it mate, as a Malaysian, we’d travel high and low just to satisfy our cravings too; like travelling to Bangsar just for banana leaf rice this afternoon.

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