Watch Out, Spotify: YouTube Music And Ad-Free YouTube Now Available In Malaysia!

Oooh, some competition!

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Watch Out, Spotify: YouTube Music And Ad-Free YouTube Now Available In Malaysia!
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More listening pleasure for you!

Don't we all just hate it when you want to watch a video on YouTube, and an advertisement pops up? We hate it even more when the advertisement is the non-skippable kind!

If you're one of those people who can't stand all these sort of advertisements, we have some good news for you!

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are now officially available in Malaysia for an advertisement-free experience for under RM20 a month!

To entice viewers, The Star Online reported that there’s a free subscribtion period for new users to try the services out, but it is subject to automatic fees renewal.

The report said that YouTube Music Premium will cost you RM14.90 a month, while YouTube Premium will cost RM17.90 and YouTube family will cost RM26.90.

Something for you?
YouTube Music Premium, positioned as a Spotify competitior, will give subscribers access to ad-free music, which can also be downloaded to be played later.

YouTube Premium, meanwhile, offers subscribers the same perks as YouTube Music, as well as ad-free videos, downloadable videos and background playback.

The YouTube Family plan will allow the subscriber to share their YouTube paid membership with up to five other users who share a residential address. These users must be above 13 years of age, however.

YouTube Music can be downloaded  via Google Play store and the Apple App Store, while YouTube Premium is available in the existing YouTube app.

Will you guys be trying this out?

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