Indonesian Students Invent Device That Helps You Put Your Phones Down!

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Indonesian Students Invent Device That Helps You Put Your Phones Down!
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That's a huge piece of device though.

Are you one of those people who simply could not put your smartphone down, and spend a large amount of time on your phone until it eats up your productivity?

If yes, you might need some help. And by that, we don't mean counselling (unless your situation is that bad).

To help you combat smartphone addiction, a group of Indonesian students has reportedly invented a device to help you minimise your screen time.

Doesn't it look like a Power Rangers morpher?
According to Reuters, the students from the University of Indonesia reportedly spent three months developing a wearable device that can help internet users cut down on the time they spend flicking at their phones.

The device called "Nettox", which is the short form for "Internet detox", is supposed to be worn on the wrist. 

So, how does it work? The wearable contains a pulse oximeter sensor that measures haemoglobin oxygen levels and heart rate variability (HRV).

Studies have found that prolonged mobile phone usage has a specific lowering effect on HRV levels, so when your HRV and blood oxygen levels dip, the device will emit a high-pitch sound. 

And that’s your cue to put your phone down.

This will help you put down your phone.
Irfan Budi Satria, who is the lead inventor of the device, told Reuters that a person's HRV level should ideally stay above 60.

While the device is ready, Satria said his team is working on personalising it and improving its accuracy as HRV readings can vary depending on a person's body shape, gender and health conditions.

"Our goal is to help the health-conscious," he said. "To help people who want to free themselves from Internet addiction,” he said.

Time to get yourself one of these devices if your are looking at your phone non-stop!

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