Strange Fish With A Human Face Appears, Everyone Freaks Out!

What is that?!

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Strange Fish With A Human Face Appears, Everyone Freaks Out!

Your worse nightmare?

The deep blue ocean is the home to all sorts of fishes, ranging from the adorable to the downright scary.

But this one is, no doubt, the creepiest of all, we feel.

And it wasn't even spotted in an ocean!

Does it not look like your worse nightmare?
A short video clip showing a carp with a very distinct human face has gone viral on social media and everyone is freaking out.

According to Unilad, a woman in China reportedly spotted the fish swimming around casually in a lake located in the Miao Village, a tourist destination in the city of Kunming.

When she took a closer look, she realised that the fish has a very distinct human-like face, complete with dark eyes, two spots resembling nostrils and a horizontal line resembling a mouth.

'Hi, can I stare into your soul?'
The fish also appeared to have a bridge above its eyes, which gave the look of a forehead, as well as the shadow of ears.

The woman can be heard on the video saying, "The fish has turned into a fairy". 

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:
However, people who viewed the video do not think that the fish is a fairy. Some think it looked evil and scary, while others said it resembles Voldemort and could be evidence of the Dark Lord’s reincarnation.

Netizens who saw the video in general have been freaking out on social media:
  We don't know about you, but we sure don't want this fish to appear in our dreams and starts talking to us.

That would be way too creepy.

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