KFC Singapore Is Now Officially Selling Fried Chicken Skin

We want it too, please!

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KFC Singapore Is Now Officially Selling Fried Chicken Skin
KFC Singapore

Please bring it to Malaysia!

Okay, we don't say this often, but for once, we envy Singaporean food.

And before you grab your pitchforks and brand us traitors, it's because KFC Singapore is now officially selling fried chicken skin.

Imagine the crunch!
News website Channel News Asia reported that the crispy KFC’s Chicken Skin will be sold in 20 KFC outlets on the island beginning Monday (11 November).

The delicious fried snack will reportedly be sold for S$3.50 (RM10.64), the website reported.

However, the report said the snack will only be available for a limited time in Singapore.

Sure looks yummy.
And to make us more jealous (ugh!), a KFC rep reportedly told the news portal that the portions in Singapore will be a lot bigger than the ones being sold in Indonesia.

The KFC Chicken Skin was introduced in Indonesia in May this year.

Indonesia and Singapore have KFC Chicken Skin. Did somebody forget Malaysia? Please don't forget us, KFC! 

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