Singaporean Uses Valak The Nun Car Seat Cushion, And It's Actually Pretty Creepy

What for, we don't know.

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Singaporean Uses Valak The Nun Car Seat Cushion, And It's Actually Pretty Creepy
Facebook/Shah Ismail

Not a seat cushion cover for everyone.

We know that Halloween is over, but it looks like some people are still in the mood for creepy things.

A Singaporean driver is one of them, and we're pretty sure he gave a lot unsuspecting 'victims' a fright by installing a realistic Valak The Nun seat cushion in his car.

Meet Valak, everybody.
And in case you don't know who Valak The Nun is, it is the main hantu in the horror film 'The Conjuring 2'. Valak's appearance was so well received, they actually made a spin-off movie just for her called 'The Nun'.

And Valak is such a popular star, someone has decided to make a car seat cushion out of it...and a super realistic, heart attack-inducing one at that. 

Just look at it:

OK, thanks for the scare.
A Facebook user by the name of Shah Ismail happened to stumble upon the car, but thankfully for him, it was in broad daylight. 

“If anyone of you saw this woman in a car at night, don't be scared. I found out the truth already. It's not real. If you saw her next time just remember my video and you will be OK. Just buat bodoh and balik (running/big steps),” he captioned the video.

You can check out the video below:

According to Mothership SG, the video was said to be shot in a multistorey car park in broad daylight. Just imagine if the video was shot at night, guys.

The good news is, this car is in Singapore (phew!), so we won't get any nasty, unexpected surprises at night.

Don't you get any ideas, fellow Malaysians.

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