The Miss Universe Malaysia National Costume Features Edible Nyonya Kueh

Looks pretty awesome!

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The Miss Universe Malaysia National Costume Features Edible Nyonya Kueh

It does look yummy.

Boys and girls, remember the unforgettable nasi lemak-inspired gown our Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 wore at that year's pageant?

Guess what dress is this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon, will be wearing at the 68th Miss Universe competition that will take place on 8 December in Atlanta?

If you guessed that it's another food-inspired are absolutely right.

In fact, this year's costume is by traditional Nyonya kueh. Check it out below:

Do you like the dress?
The Malay Mail reported that as part of her national costume, Sekhon will serve up beloved Peranakan teatime treats such as the onde-onde, kueh koci, ang ku, kueh talam, kueh lapis, kueh sago and auspicious red eggs, neatly stowed in a traditional basket known as bakul sia.

The costume even has a name!

Called “A Peranakan Indulgence”, the costume was designed by couturier Carven Ong.

“I wanted to present the delicacies of Penang and Melaka’s Straits Chinese culture,” Ong was quoted as saying.

It does look gorgeous.
The costume reportedly features an elaborately woven Malay brocade songket on the bodice and a pair of wings made out of Nyonya batik, and a golden songket cape dotted with red beadings.

“It’s a great platform to showcase one aspect of Malaysian food to an international audience,” said Ong.

The designer reportedly took three months to complete the outfit that weighed 28 kilogrammes.

In addition to the Nyonya kueh costume, Sekhon will also be wearing a caramel-toned evening gown designed by Ong during the pageant.

All the best, Sekhon! If you're hungry, just grab a bite of the kueh, yeah?

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