David Beckham Spotted Casually Eating Mee Goreng At Hawker Center

Yup, just eating mee.

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David Beckham Spotted Casually Eating Mee Goreng At Hawker Center
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We have better mee goreng, Becks!

What would you do if you were having a meal at a mamak and you bump into your favourite celebrity at the same place, without any bodyguards in sight?

Surely you would pinch yourself to check if it’s a dream, before chasing them for a selfie (we know we'll do that for sure)!

Actually, the exact thing happened to several lucky Singaporeans when they visited the country’s Little India recently.

Hawker food kinda guy

They bumped into none other than football star David Beckham, seen casually eating a plate of mee goreng at a hawker centre in the area last Saturday (16 November).

It's just Becks, eating mee goreng.
Mothership SG reported that the 44-year-old star was spotted casually strolling through the market, sniffing spices and surveying the stalls.

He then settled down before chowing down a plate of mee goreng with Singaporean food blogger Aun Koh, or better known as Chubby Hubby.

Here's the cute part: he ate his plate of mee goreng with a pair of chopsticks.

He's good with his hands too.
The news of Beckham's surprise appearance quickly spread on social media, as Singaporean netizens went absolutely crazy on social media:
Beckham, on his Instagram page, stated that he was at the Marina Bay Sands for a business partnership with Avenue Singapore and Marquee Singapore.

The next time you're in Asia, give us a call, Becks. You know we have better food.

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