5 Things To Do Around Kuala Lumpur That You May Not Have Thought About

When was the last time you hung out in downtown KL?

  • Wednesday, 20 November 2019
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5 Things To Do Around Kuala Lumpur That You May Not Have Thought About

When was the last time you walked around Kuala Lumpur or played tourist in your own city? We'd admit it has been years since we did.

We often struggle to answer when friends visit the country and ask what is there to do in Kuala Lumpur beyond "erm... KLCC and the bird park?"

Our hotel was close to REXKL which may look dodgy on the outside, but what's inside is what matters
So, last weekend, we decided to stay in a hotel on Jalan Sultan (near Petaling Street) and boy, were we surprised by how much the place has changed.

There's now so much to see and do there!

Here are some of the things you can check out for yourself (some of the things in the list are event-related so hurry before it ends!) 

#1 Check out street arts 

When in Penang or Ipoh, many go in search of the murals and street art but you don't hear nearly as many people doing that in Kuala Lumpur. 

Art Seni, an independent organisation seeking to promote the art scene in the country, plans to rectify this with their walking tours. 
This work by FRITILLDEA ft Haziq Azri was done just for Urbanscapes
On a sunny Saturday morning, we met our guide, Ara, who brought us on a three-hour tour starting from Medan Pasar through Petaling Street and Jalan Panggung, to see some of the street art in the city. 

We'd recommend applying a generous amount of sunscreen and perhaps use a cap to protect your head and face from the sun on this tour. But worry not, the heat is worth putting up with. 

You'll find plenty of interesting murals, graffiti and installation art, some commissioned by businesses or organisations and others done by artists only known by their pen name. 
Another piece done specifically for Urbanscapes
You'll find several installation art during the tour too but you'll have to hurry to see 'em
It's not an in-depth education on all things art in Malaysia, but you'll definitely get a better picture of the street art scene by the end of it. 

This week is extra special because there are many art work and installation that was done specially for Urbanscapes are also available for viewing. 

The tour will cost you about RM55 and you can book it via Art Seni's Instagram account. 

#2 Visit Rex KL 

If your parents spent most of their youth (i.e the years they spent dating) in KL, chances are you would have heard of Rex Cinemas. 

It's one of those old cinemas that was THE hangout place back then, but was closed down when it got razed in a fire many years ago. 

Some of the older parts of the building is preserved
Recently, it has been revived and many events are held there - from art exhibition and theater shows to this years Urbanscapes that pretty much hosts all kinds of 'artsy-fartsy' events. 

Even when there aren't any events happening, you can still find a second-hand bookstore, charming coffee place, a second-hand shop where you can find things that'll definitely make you nostalgic, a bundle shop for your fashion needs, a pop-up store, a super affordable massage place and more.  

Parts of the original structure and signs are still there, adding charm to the refurbished building. 

If you happen to visit Rex KL from now till the weekend, don't forget to check out the BMW Shorties Screening, the iNyala light exhibition, and other exciting activities. 


Looking like something out of a sci-fi spy film, Quantum by architect-artist @junihaoni is a laser-light installation inspired the notion of quantum entanglement. Having been showcased in Singapore, the installation is appropriated in the enclosed stairwell of REX Cinema. The immersive installation distorts dimension and spatial logic using an array of mirrors and a single laser source, as an energy efficiency consideration. The mirrors are planted in specific locations along the stairwell to ultimately form continuous laser paths, creating intangible three-dimensional geometries. 🔮 ⭕ 🔮 ⭕ [Opening Times] Date: 1-30 November (closed on Mondays) Time: 10am-10pm Venue: REXKL Admission is free and is suitable for all ages #iNYALA #HelioMedia #KiniEvents #REXKL #ImagineTheImpossible #VisitMalaysia2020 #VM2020 #TNBBetterBrighter #AirAsia #YayasanSimeDarby #Passionation @hellorexkl

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#3 Urban.Seni @ Godown KL

Our first reaction when we heard of Godown was, "God's own what"? 

Turns out, it is a small building located near the Telekom Museum in Kuala Lumpur. 

Godown KL
The building has been transformed into an event space and till Sunday, there are several exciting activities lined up. 

Urban.Seni is a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, where you can find musical acts, theater performances, installation art and more by both Malaysian and Singaporean talents. 

#4 Interactive light exhibition

If you've ever been to the Singapore Art Science Museum for their light exhibition and loved it, you will surely be just as excited about Immersion 3.0. 

Located at the shoplots near Medan Pasar, there are three exhibitions, each one just as fascinating as the next. 

Disclaimer: it's nowhere as impressive as the ones in our neighbouring country, but is still definitely worth visiting. 

Read the instructions on the boards available at the exhibition for the best experience.

We ended up interacting with complete strangers and making new, albeit temporary, friends because some of the exhibits need more than two people to work to the fullest. 

#5 Enjoy middle-eastern food prepared by refugees

Middle Eastern food is delicious and healthy. At PichaEats, the food is even more special as it is cooked by refugee families from countries like Palestine, Afghanistan and more.

While enjoying food that are as authentic as it gets, you also get to help the refugee families to put food on their tables. 

Usually, you have to cater or buy the meal box that will get delivered to your doorstep but on 24 November, you can enjoy food prepared by PichaEats at Medan Pasar. 

All you have to do is book a space here. Lunch will be served at 1pm so be sure to be on time! 

The meal will cost you RM90 but trust us when we say it's well worth the money. 

We had lunch there last weekend and wow... there was Maqluba (rice, potato and eggplant dish), roast chicken, falafel wrap, chicken shawarma, chicken wrap, baklava and Turkish coffee. 

There was so much food, we couldn't finish it but we were allowed to bungkus the leftovers, which was great! 

Play Tourist In Your Own City 

There's a lot more to see and do in Kuala Lumpur, including numerous new F&B outlets, Petaling Street, stores selling artistic things and event spaces.

Urbanscapes 2019 is also happening from now till 24 November, so you will definitely have more things to do than you can manage within a short time. 

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