6 Fun Things To Do In Dubai, According To Sharifah Sakinah And Siti Saleha


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6 Fun Things To Do In Dubai, According To Sharifah Sakinah And Siti Saleha

When one mentions Dubai, you will automatically think that it’s an atas holiday destination only the wealthy can afford.

Well, boys and girls, you thought wrong.

There are plenty of cool and fun things to do in the gorgeous city of Dubai, even when you’re on a budget. 

Being an all-year-round holiday destination, there is also anendless supply of entertainment as well as attractions, restaurants and a vibrant arts and culture scene happening in Dubai 365 days a year.

Just ask Sharifah Sakinah and Siti Saleha, two of Malaysia’s most popular actresses.

Sharifah and Siti will be representing Malaysia in a brand-new reality TV series called ‘Dubai Ultimate Challenge’, and here are some of the fun things you can do in Dubai, according to the both of them.

In fact, here are some of the fun activities you can do in Dubai (Sharifah and Siti-approved, of course):

#1 Skydiving with views of Palm Jumeriah

There’s no better way to start your day than an adrenaline rush, and if you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love this activity. 

This skydiving activity will have you boarding an aircraft which will bring you on a 20-minute ride up the sky, and at approximately 13,000 feet, you will jump out of the aircraft and go on a 60-second free fall before the parachute deploys at 6,000 feet. 

Here’s the best part: you do not need any skydiving experience as an instructor will be guiding you. There’s really no better view of Dubai – especially the gorgeous Palm Jumeriah – from 4,000 meters in the air, right?

#2 Hang out with falcons at the Dubai Falconry Safari

Once you have that adrenaline pumping in your veins, why not head to the Dubai Falconry Safari to hang out with majestic predator birds? 

This once-in-a-life-time experience lets you get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating birds of prey, such as the greater spotted eagle, Harris’s hawk, and desert eagle owl, to name a few. You get to hold these birds, as well as feed them (under supervision, of course).

Once you’re done hanging out with your newfound feathery friends, you could then take a stroll at the Dubai Falcon Souk and the Falcon Museum. By the time you leave the Dubai Falconry Safari, you’ll be an expert in falcons.

#3 Have lunch facing the Dubai Aquarium

If you want to have a unique lunch, why not stop by for lunch at the Dubai Mall? One of the world’s largest shopping malls, you’ll find plenty of food to eat there. The Dubai Mall is home to more than 200 cafés and restaurants, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. 

Our pick? The Rainforest Café, as it faces the Dubai Aquarium and is made to emulate tropical ruins with light shows. How’s that for an awesome lunch?

#4 Bargain hunting at the Old Souk

There’s no better way to burn some calories that than to go bargain hunting at the Old Souk. The Old Souk boasts hundreds of small stalls selling a wide variety of items such as textile, souvenirs, clothes, traditional spices and yes, even gold.

It’s time that you put your bargaining skills to work, boys and girls!

#5 Take a ride at the Dubai Fountain

The whole bargaining thing (and emptying your wallet) can be hard work, so why not take a break by taking a leisurely boat ride at the Dubai Fountain? During the relaxing boat ride, fix your eyes on the beautifully choreographed lights and music show, which features 6,600 lights, 25 colored projectors and 22,000 gallons of airborne water.

You will be mesmerised, for sure!

#6 Have a meal at a traditional Bedouin campsite

There’s no better way to end your adventure than a delicious BBQ dinner in the middle of the desert. Head on over to one of the many Bedouin (a desert-dwelling ethnic group) campsites located in the deserts of Dubai. 

To get the perfect Bedouin campsite experience, start your adventure in the late afternoon by traversing the desert on a traditional camel caravan. Once you're at the Bedouin village, take a stroll to learn more about their daily customs and traditions of their culture. Attend an Arabic coffee-making demonstration or visit a small souk to get a feel of what daily life is like for the tribe.

Then, when night comes, watch the preparation of a typical Bedouin dinner at live cooking stations and enjoy a spread of traditional dishes like thareed (chicken stew) and lamb tanoor (spiced lamb). You will also be entertained by a traditional Bedouin dance performance, before ending the night with an informative Astronomy session.

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Wow, the itinerary above sounds extremely fun, but is it really fun though?’

Don’t worry, you’ll get to see both our actresses, Sharifah and Siti, tackle a series of challenges featuring some of these activities in ‘Dubai Ultimate Challenge’.

The series will see six contestants from three Southeast Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) battling it out to see who will reign supreme.

During seven awesome episodes, the contestants will be put through their paces: from sky diving with views of iconic Palm Jumeirah and ziplining through the high rises of Dubai Marina to souk shopping on a budget and cruising through the mesmerising desert.

With each challenge, the celebs have to create the best Insta-story to win the episode. At the end of the series, the team with the most Dubai ‘pins’ will be crowned the champion and gets to choose a super fan to visit Dubai for free!

The show will be hosted by our favourite TV personalities Alan Wong and Justin Bratton from ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ fame.

‘Dubai Ultimate Challenge’ is set to premiere on AXN HD [Astro Ch 721] beginning 18 November, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.40pm.

You can catch a repeat of the show on Sundays, with back-to-back episodes at 5.40pm. It’s also available on YouTube and Facebook, if that’s an easier option.

So, if the beauty and wonder of Dubai has got your hands and legs itchy, book yourself and your family a holiday to the gorgeous city now!

Here’s a bonus: the Dubai Shopping Festival kicks off on 26 December and is celebrating its 25th anniversary with jaw-dropping deals all over the city, so there’s really no better time to visit Dubai than now.

For more information about Dubai, head on over to this website.

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