Marie Kondo Launches Online Store, Does Not Spark Joy At All


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Marie Kondo Launches Online Store, Does Not Spark Joy At All

Not many people are fans of her new shop.

Remember how decluttering guru Marie Kondo shot to fame earlier this year after KonMari method simplified everyone’s lives?

Some people swear by the method and some even praised her for changing their lives for the better.

However, five years after her bestselling book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, the 35-year-old has launched a new e-commerce shop based on her KonMari method.

The problem is, the shop does not spark joy at all. 

Declutter or reclutter?

Clutter or declutter?
reported that her online shop sells a selection of homeware and fashion items, priced between RM33 to RM1,246.

“My tidying method isn't about getting rid of things — it's about heightening your sensitivity to what brings you joy. Once you've completed your tidying, there is room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life,” she wrote in a note on her site.

Naturally, the same people whose lives Kondo helped declutter criticised the move because it promotes consumerism, especially after she encouraged people to get rid of unnecessary things.

Not only that, people are not too happy with the prices of the items in her online shop.

Based on the listings in her shop, a tuning fork and quartz crystal goes for USD75 (RM313.24) and a cheese knife will set you back a cool USD180 (RM751.90).

Heck, she's even selling a pair of leather room shoes for USD206 (RM860.38).

In her defence, Kondo claims that the catalogue of items she put on sale responds to the numerous queries from fans about the products she uses in her everyday life.

“I'm not saying the fewer things you have, the better. The emphasis is more on whether you are savouring the love you have for your belongings and taking the time to care for them. If you have a huge house with ample storage, it's perfectly natural to have a lot of things,” she explained.

No matter what she said, contradicting words or actions are not particularly popular with people.

What do you guys think?

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