This Group Of Malaysians Shows Us How To Prank Our Friends At The Airport


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This Group Of Malaysians Shows Us How To Prank Our Friends At The Airport
Facebook/Geraldine Loh

A boarding pass for giants.

Ahh, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

A Malaysian girl who thought that she's going to have a wonderful time with her friends at a foreign country learned the hard way that you shouldn't trust your friends to print out your boarding pass.

Thanks, friends!
Facebook user Geraldine Loh recently uploaded a hilarious video onto her page, showing her friends handing her the boarding pass, which was printed on an A0 paper.

If you don’t know what size is that, it’s almost as big as her! Here's a picture evidence:

We can't even see her.

Size does matter

In the video, she is seen unfolding the boarding pass right before she enters the departure gate and her friends could be heard laughing at her predicament.

When she has to present the huge boarding pass to the security officer, even he appeared to be amused as he tried unfolding the piece of paper.

The woman then pointed her finger at her laughing friends to pinpoint the culprits who printed the unusually sized boarding pass.

It wasn't just the abang guard who was taken aback by the sheer size of the boarding pass.

In a separate video, a flight attendant on the plane also appeared rather amused by it, and she even posed for a picture with it in the end:

Since the school holidays are coming up, we have a feeling we will be seeing more of these ginormous boarding passes at the airport.

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