The Hello Kitty Carrier Is Finally Coming To McDonald's Malaysia!

Mark the date, guys.

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The Hello Kitty Carrier Is Finally Coming To McDonald's Malaysia!

Hello Kitty fans, rejoice! 

McDonald's Malaysia has finally decided to bring the Hello Kitty holder to Malaysia, after our neighbour in the south became the first to get it on 14 November.

The cute holder will available from 27 November onwards, for only RM29.99

McDonald's Malaysia made the announcement via a post on their Facebook page: 

When you purchase a takeaway set meal with the Hello Kitty holder, your fries and drinks will be placed in the holder, which is definitely way cuter than the usual paper bags you get. 

Resellers incoming!

Even if you're not a fan of Hello Kitty, you might still want to get it and make some extra bucks.

Case in point: Singaporeans are already doing it! 

Mothership SG reported that some people queued up for the holder for hours and are selling it for way more expensive than the original price. 

The original price of the holder is SGD7.90 (RM24), but it's being sold for up to SGD50 (RM153) in third party marketplaces!

Good business, we see.
If there are some suckers willing to pay that much more for the holder, why not sell it, we guess.

Of course it's not ethical (we're not even sure if it's legal) but if you're going to do it anyway, just make sure you sell it to a Singaporean 'cos higher currency and all. 

For those of you who is looking at purchasing one for yourself, brace yourselves because it could be a really long queue. 

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