We Partied On A Platform 50 Meters Up In The Sky, And It Was An Interesting Experience

Not for the faint of heart.

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We Partied On A Platform 50 Meters Up In The Sky, And It Was An Interesting Experience
Rojak Daily

Be prepared for a wild ride.

You have a date coming up but you don't know where to bring your crush? Or you want to have a gossip session with your girlfriends and your local bar just doesn't cut it anymore?

Worry not, because there's a new attraction in town.

Actually, scratch that; the new attraction is 50 meters above the town!

Hope you're not afraid of heights.
Asia's first ever sky lounge, Lounge In The Sky, has set up home right in the center of Kuala Lumpur.

Like its name suggests, you will be strapped onto a chair and then hoisted 150 feet into the air, giving you a bird's eye view of the city while you enjoy great food and entertainment.

Originating from Belgium, the attraction is parked at Elements Kuala Lumpur, just inside the ever-popular TREC.

If you have the heart for it, or if you want to try something different other than your usual bar hopping, the Lounge In The Sky experience is something you need to try once in your life.

'Sign the waiver form, please'

View from the bottom sure looks different.
We started the evening by converging at the Elements Kuala Lumpur bar located at TREC KL. 

The Lounge In The Sky experience is jointly operated by Elements Kuala Lumpur and TwoSpicy Entertainment, known for their Dinner In The Sky and Plane In The City.

When we arrived, we were ushered into the restaurant to wait for our turn to go up in the sky. We were then asked to sign a waiver form, which actually gave us more reason to be afraid because, truth to be told, we are a bit scared of heights.

Is that a giant drone?

We were placed in the 7.15pm session (there are four sessions to choose from during the weekdays, and six during the weekends), and when the time came, we were led to the platform.

The platform wasn't really big; in fact, it was none bigger than a small minibus.

It was the size of a mini bus.
Balraj Singh Pannu, the CEO of Elements KL, told us that the platform was made and designed under strict supervision in Belgium, and all calculations and simulations are tested by TUV Rhineland, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services.

So, in case you're wondering, the experience is totally safe.

You will be seated in a small platform of four.
We were seated in a cluster of four, with eight clusters in total. So basically, Lounge In The Sky can accomodate a total of 32 people at one go.

In the middle is where you'll find a long bar, a.k.a. the work station for the waiters to prepare your food and your cocktail. 

The chef's workstation.
At the end of the long bar is a small space where the DJ console is placed, and a small platform where the singer stands.

From the bottom, it looks like an eight-armed giant drone, which is pretty cool.

Not for the faint of heart

All strapped in and ready to go.
While the Lounge In The Sky platform looks cool while you're at the bottom looking up, it's an entire different story when you're up top looking down.

After every one was strapped in, that's when the fun starts. The crane would then lift the platform up - slowly, but surely - and once it reaches the height of 50 meters in the air, the platform stops rising.

Slowly inching off the ground.
If you're someone who is not very comfortable with heights, this is when the fear sets in.

As we've never experienced being dangled in the air before, it was pretty terrifying, to be honest. The slight sway from the wind certainly did not help.

Almost there.
Half the time, we kept our hands on the table, or gripping it. We honestly wanted to take more photos of the experience, but we were so afraid of it flying off the platform, we did not dare hold it for more than 10 seconds.

This is our colleague Dinesh, check out his grip on the table,
But after a couple of minutes, after we get a hang of it, the experience wasn't too bad.

We actually started having fun.

Your meal is served

Nearly 10 minutes after we've reached peak height, the waiters then started serving the meal.

Depending on the packages you select, you will be served either a three-course or a four-course Canape Platter prepared by Chef Steve Ariffin, the executive chef of Elements Kuala Lumpur.

Or we like to call it, 'atas' ice cream.
We got an appetiser, which came in the form of a mini ice cream cone. We forgot to ask the waiter what it was called, but we do know that the black pearls were actually caviar.

Once we're done with the appetiser, we were presented with the platter, which consists of a prawn ceviche with chili, ginger flower cream and sherry reduction; a wild mushroom fricassee with shallot rings and deep fried bread box; and a lemon meringue tart.


Your small bites are served.
We were also served a glass of signature mocktail by award-winning bartender Osmund Bernard.

There's a cocktail version available as well, but we don't drink while working, so...

All while the food and drink was being served, our 'personal' singer-songwriter Poova Plachciak was entertaining us with classic songs such as Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Kool & The Gang's "Celebration", a Michael Jackson number (we forgot which one, because we were too busy being scared) and the Village People's "YMCA".

Feel the vibe, guys!
When the entire wine and dine session and the live performance were in full swing, it was easy to forget that we were dangling 50 meters in the air.

Before we knew it, our time with Lounge In The Sky was up and we were slowly lowered back to the ground.

Was it worth it?

Well, yes and no. 

If you want to impress a date and have a fun night out, then yes. If you want to fill your tummy up with yummy food, then no.

For the price you're paying, you could head over to a really nice steakhouse, order the best ribeye in the house and pair it with their finest wine. 

On a regular day, that would be a great date.

A meal with a view. That's actually pretty good.
But here's the thing: you don't hop on the Lounge In The Sky for some drinks and fancy food, you hop on to have a memorable experience.

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being hoisted up 50 meters in the sky, enjoy some food and cocktail served by award-winning chefs, being serenaded by an incredibly talented singer while watching the sun set into the horizon of KL city, then Lounge In The Sky is a must-try experience.

Overall, we would say that Lounge In The Sky, for us, was a really fun experience.

Done and dusted.
We just wished that the experience was a little bit longer (a normal session is 40 minutes) and that they serve main dishes and entrées instead of a canape platter, but hey, we're not complaining.

The Lounge In The Sky experience is priced at RM199 per person for the Economy Class, RM299 per person for Business Class and RM499 for the First Class package.

To reserve your spot, visit Element's website by clicking here.

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