After Promising Wife He'll Split RM800,000 Lottery Prize, Thai Man Flees With Winning Ticket

Ugh, men.

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After Promising Wife He'll Split RM800,000 Lottery Prize, Thai Man Flees With Winning Ticket

Things people do for money.

Winning a huge sum of money in a lottery is something a lot of people dream of.

However, winning the lottery could also put a strain on your relationship, as proven by a Thai couple.

Lucky strike

A lucky couple?
The Bangkok Post reported that the couple, 23-year-old Pornthida Chamnanwet and her husband, 34-year-old Wijak Wannaprasit, cashed in a ticket for a three-digit prize with a lottery vendor on 9 November. 

While they were there, they reportedly bought another two tickets, one of which she picked.

As it turns out, the ticket Porthida picked out struck the six million baht (RM827,341) first prize on 16 November.

There's even proof!
Overjoyed, the husband and wife then proceeded to record their win at the Phra Pradaeng police station and agreed to divide the money equally between them.

They even had plans on how to spend their share of the winnings.

A monster called greed

However, a day later, greed took over Wijak as he told her that she will only get two million bath (RM 275,935).

The couple then reportedly got into a huge argument and the husband subsequently left their home with the ticket.

Pornthida later lodged a police report.
Being smart, Pornthida then filed a police report, and asked the authorities to prevent her husband from cashing in on the winnings.

She told the news portal that she would also seek the Government Lottery Office's help to block the payment.

According to The Chiang Rai Times, the husband returned the next day with the ticket, saying that he only left because he was angry and not because he wanted to run away with the money.

We do not know what happened after that, but hopefully, the couple was able to find a way to work things out. 

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