Hello Kitty Fever: Malaysians Reselling McD Hello Kitty Carrier For Up To RM3,000

Next level of capitalism.

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Hello Kitty Fever: Malaysians Reselling McD Hello Kitty Carrier For Up To RM3,000

Typo? Don't think so.

On Wednesday, thousands of Malaysians flocked to McDonald’s to get their hands on a limited-edition item that not only kids went crazy for, but adults too.

The item was none other than the Hello Kitty Carrier, priced at RM29.99 with any purchase of a McValue meal.

Some woke up early in the morning to be the first in line, some endured long lines for hours in hopes of getting one, and some even placed their orders with personal shoppers for a fee.

But within hours after being released, a lot of people have started reselling it on Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, and Carousell.

Those who are desperate for the carrier opted to buy from these platforms, since many outlets have already sold out.

Most of the items listed were sold between RM50 to RM100, but what shocked us is the audacity of some sellers who slapped a RM500 price tag on the item.

The highest we’ve found so far is RM3,000!

Don't believe us, just search on Shopee.
Pay RM30 also think twice, if they're selling it for this amount, we'll forget about it.
We are not sure if anyone would be that crazy to pay such a bombastic amount for a Hello Kitty Carrier.

They might as well book a flight ticket to Japan and meet Hello Kitty in person, right?

A quick check on Mudah also showed resellers popping up like mushrooms after the rain.

From RM40-RM3,000, the pricing disparity is insane!
Hello Kitty Carrier here, there, everywhere.
Of course, the only way to stop resellers from fleecing Malaysians who really just wanted a collectible is by not buying it from them.

We know you really wanted a Hello Kitty Carrier, but please do not throw RM500 at a reseller. There are so many things you could do with the money, like bringing us out for dinner, for example.

So, did you manage to get your very own Hello Kitty Carrier?

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