Filipino B'ball League Uploads Photos Of Open Practice, One In Particular Goes Super Viral

Did they do it on purpose, though?

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Filipino B'ball League Uploads Photos Of Open Practice, One In Particular Goes Super Viral
To be honest, it's not easy to get a photogenic photo of yourself while you're playing sports.

Unless you're the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (remember him?) or Cristiano Ronaldo, it's safe to say that pictures featuring you playing your favourite sport won't turn out really well.

One poor Filipino basketball player found that out the hard way. 

Accidental internet star

On Sunday, an amateur Filipino basketball league called the Tagum City Hoopers posted photos of an open practice on its Facebook page.

The photo album contained a whopping 785 photos (!!), and all of them showed hoopers playing basketball - dribbling the ball, blocking shots, shooting the basketball.

Pretty normal stuff, right? Well, except for one photo.

This one, to be exact:

Unfortunately for this guy...
The photo showing an unnamed basketball player having his shot blocked from behind by another player has gone massively viral online.

While the album as a whole has a measly 40+ likes and less than five comments, this one photo has so far raked up more than 17,000 likes, 4,300 comments and more than 30,000 shares.

If that's not viral content, we don't what is.

Your next meme star

Of course, Netizens were quick to make fun of the poor chap, with one Facebook user commenting that the longer you stare at the picture, the funnier it gets.

(We don't mean to laugh at him, but it's true)

Moments after that, the memes started popping up:

Netizens then started sharing similar photos of other players caught in similar embarassing predicament:

But hey, he may not be as famous as Michael Jordan, but at least he's now a legit social media star.

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