Manga And Anime Fans, You'll Love SK-II's Limited Edition Packaging!

We want one.

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Manga And Anime Fans, You'll Love SK-II's Limited Edition Packaging!
Once considered 'only for children', the anime culture has grown exponentially over the years.

More and more brands are tapping into anime as a source of inspiration, with designer brand Coach being the more recent one with their pretty cool 'Naruto' collection.

And now, a skin care brand has follwed suit and we have to say, it's pretty cool too.

Unfolding the legend

Just in time for the holiday season, SK-II has unveiled their brand new, anime-inspired PITERA™ Facial Essence Treatment bottles.

And they look absolutely gorgeous. Take a look:

These limited-edition bottles was designed by a Brooklyn-based Japanese artist named Fantasista Utamaro, who said that he wants to “capture the world’s love for Japanese culture” through his colourful manga-inspired SK-II bottles.

Pretty cool stuff, we have to say.

Not only that, to promote these limited edition bottles, SK-II also released a short film featuring imma, a Japanese virtual human; actress Haruka Ayase; singer-songwriter Leah Dou and supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine.

In the clip clearly inspired by an anime, we follow imma as she gains superpowers in a fantastical journey.

Hey, maybe she can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe after this!

You can watch the clip here:

So, still wondering what you should get your bae for Christmas?

Get her one of these limited edition SK-II Fantasista Utamaro Facial Treatment Essence bottles. She'll love you long time, we guarantee it.

They are now available at all SK-II counters nationwide for RM743 per bottle. 

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