M’sians Finally Found The Owner Of RM10 Note That Has A Heartbreaking Note Written On It

The power of going viral!

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M’sians Finally Found The Owner Of RM10 Note That Has A Heartbreaking Note Written On It
Hyza Ezany

The RM10 note has been returned to its rightful owner.

Over the weekend, images of a RM10 banknote went massively viral on social media.

It wasn’t because the note was a limited-edition run and worth more than its written value; it was because of a heartfelt message written on it.

Apparently, a CIMB bank employee was looking for the owner of the banknote after the message brought tears to her heart.

Hyza Ezany updated her Facebook status saying that she was tracking down the RM10 note owner and was willing to give it to that person for free.

“I felt touched reading the note, it feels like the owner is looking for it,” Hyza said.

“The last cash given by dad on 21/5/2010 Friday 7.10a.m. I love you dad,” were the words written on the note.

The power of social media

We're not crying!
Others who felt touched and compelled to help shared the post and sure enough, within a few hours, it went viral – it has over 1,200 comments and over 24,000 shares.

What’s even more amazing was the fact that barely 24 hours after the post went viral, Malaysians managed to help track down its rightful owner.

The owner of the bank note, Anne Malar Yesudass, shared on her Facebook that got the note back and it’s “my most valuable thing of my life”.

According to Anne Malar, the RM10 note was given to her by her father on 21 May 2010, when she was just 17-years-old.

She wrote that after giving her the note, her father dropped her off at school but unfortunately, it was the last the last time she would see her father as he was killed in an accident later.

She has since kept the note in her purse to remember her father by.

On 1 September 2018, Anne Malar said she lost the banknote after her purse was stolen while she was at a camp in Melaka.

Finally back with its owner.
“I was not sad that my purse was stolen but I was terribly sad that this valuable thing of my life was stolen together. I always do remember about this the past one year… there was always (an) ache in my heart whenever I think of it.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying! We’re happy to know that a simple act of kindness has helped a woman reunite with something that holds a high sentimental value in her life.

Well done, Malaysians!

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