Malaysian Couple Embarks On Epic Road Trip To Laos In Their Little Perodua Kancil

Powerful little car.

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Malaysian Couple Embarks On Epic Road Trip To Laos In Their Little Perodua Kancil
Facebook/Azman Ali II

Little in size, but big in adventure.

Who can forget the legendary Perodua Kancil, right? 

It's compact, it's cheap and most importantly, it's extremely fuel efficient compared to other cars.

There's really no wonder why the Perodua Kancil used to be a very popular car on the road.

In fact, the famous car has once again proved that it can still go the extra mile - actually, many miles. 

Adventure of a lifetime

An adventourous Malaysian couple has decided to embark on an ambitious journey from Malaysia to Laos in their trusty little Perodua Kancil, the Malay Mail reported.

Azman Ali and his wife flagged off last week, and they did not fail to share their experience on Azman's Facebook page:

In one of his posts, Azman even praised the car for going the long distance without giving any problems.

“Thank god the car I bought for RM1,500 is still holding on even after driving it for 1,500 kilometres in two days,” he wrote, while sharing photos of him, his wife and their turquoise Kancil while driving through Thailand to get to Laos.

Along the way, Azman also shared pictures of them enjoying the sunset and cooking their own meals.

His post garnered quite a bit of attention, many nostalgic and praising the little motorcar that could.

According to the news portal, the couple reached Laos on Monday (2 December), and they are now heading towards the China border.

Well done, Azman and wife.

You definitely made us feel like going on a road trip just like you guys now.

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