Chilli Here, Chilli There, Chilli Everywhere!

We Malaysians just like it spicy.

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Chilli Here, Chilli There, Chilli Everywhere!
Part of being Malaysian means being immersed in totally awesome food culture that is the consequence of a multiracial melting pot. That being said, we also have an obsession with chillis. Come to think of it, we like our desserts and treats spicy as well.

#1 Spicy Chocolate
Savoury chocolate has been around for a while now but lately has become quite popular in Malaysia. You can find them in most stores that sell imported goods. One of the tastiest and affordable options is Whittaker's Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Spice Dark Chocolate. It has cayenne and habaneros chillis as well as New Zealand’s famous Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Sauce. To balance out the spice it has delicious hints of orange and chai.


#2 Sambal Mooncake
Alright, this one probably has you thinking, how even? Well, to stand out among competitors every time the mooncake season rolls around, mooncake makers have been coming up with more and more unique mooncake ideas. So, lo and behold, the sambal mooncake. You would think this concept wouldn’t work but the spicy taste of the sambal mixes well with the sweet taste of mooncake if done right.


#3 Chilli Martini
Yes, even alcohol can be spicy. Adding chilli to Vodka or Gin has been a hot trend lately (literally). It makes for a perfect drink if you think about it; fiery, cold and hot all at once! In a martini, you usually have mixers such as fruit juice and the sweetness of peach juice goes really well with the spice of the chilli. It goes down smooth and gives a pleasant warming feeling in your tummy afterwards.


#4 Spicy Bubble Tea
Ever wondered what it would be like to have a spicy version of the sweet, yummy bubble tea we all love and crave? Well think no more, Taiwanese bubble tea chain Playmade is selling wasabi milk tea complete with wasabi pearls. The wasabi-flavoured pearls are made with pure wasabi powder imported from Japan. Wait, there’s more, the brand sells cocoa milk tea with mala (yes, just like the spicy hotpot soup) pearls that are created from a special homemade mala sauce from Taiwan.


#5 Spiced Lassi
So most people already know what Lassi is (diluted yoghurt or buttermilk served as a drink) and love it as a dessert with flavours such as mango and strawberry, but there’s actually a savoury version. It includes adding salt instead of sugar, chopped onions, ginger, coriander, chillies and curry leaves. For added flavour, traditional spices such as cardamom and mustard seeds are added to this refreshing drink.

#6 Lime & Chilli Ice Cream
7-Eleven Malaysia launched a chilli and key lime soft serve that sadly is only available in certain locations. It’s called the ‘Roaring Limau’ and it's only RM2.50, which is not bad considering it's a pretty big ice cream cone. The sourness from the key lime is quite strong complimented with some sweetness. As you eat, the spiciness from the chilli hits the back of your throat creating a nice heat that slowly builds.


So, there you have it, folks! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go out and try one of these spicy treats. Be sure to watch the WTF episode titled National Hobby which just happens to be on the topic of eating to find out more about other delicacies out there!

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