5 Tips To Conquer (And Survive!) Universal Studios Japan


Maneuver the maze like a pro.

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5 Tips To Conquer (And Survive!) Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan

Navigate the theme park like a pro.

Universal Studios Japan needs no introduction.

Located in the city of Osaka, it is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. Universal Studios Japan is divided into ten themed zones, including the most famous one of all – The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter™.

Based on its size and scale, Universal Studios Japan is not a theme park that you could just walk in and, you know, enjoy yourself.

Ask anyone who’s been to the theme park, and they will tell you that it involves lots of planning, lots of plotting and yes, lots of queuing up.

If you’re heading to Universal Studios Japan soon, take some time to go through what we’re about to tell you because it’s going to help you save a lot of time. Trust us on this, guys!

Here are some tips and tricks for you to conquer and survive Universal Studios Japan:

#1 Arrive early

Not a walk in the park.
This, we would say, is the most important tip of all. As theme parks are seldom empty, you get to see and do more if you arrive early at Universal Studios Japan.

That’s because the queue times for some of the rides can be really long, so arriving early will at least make you the first few in line for some of the attractions.

Pro tip: You can purchase an early entry pass from KLOOK that lets you enter Universal Studios Japan 15 minutes before anyone else.

#2 Research when’s the best time to go

Make sure the timing is perfect.
Just like researching for the best time to go to Japan (mid-October to end November, in case you’re wondering), you would benefit a lot from determining the best day to go to Universal Studios Japan before you go there.

The best days to visit Universal Studios Japan is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If possible, try and avoid going on weekends, which is their peak period.

Pro tip: There’s a website that you can use to check the congestion of the theme park called ‘Universal Studios Japan Congestion Forecast Calendar’. You can access it here.

#3 Plan your ‘attack’

Do your homework first. 
Universal Studios Japan is not a small place, as it has many themed zones. In order to help you save time, it’s best to plan which zones and attractions you want to visit before you make your way to the theme park.

Check the map, plan your route and cross out the rides and attractions you do not wish to take part in. That way, you can skip zones that don’t interest you and allocate more time for attractions that you’re truly passionate in (like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ and Jurassic World, for example).

Pro tip: Once you have singled out the attractions you would like to visit, you can purchase express pass to skip the queues. You can either opt for Universal Studios Japan Express™ Pass 4 which lets you skip the queue at four attractions (‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’, ‘Minion Mayhem’, ‘The Flying Dinosaur’, ‘The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man’ and more) or the Universal Studios Japan Express™ Pass 7 which lets you board seven attractions without queuing up.

#4 Go ‘single’

Sometimes, one is better than two.
OK, here’s a trick that we discovered ourselves when we were there. For some rides, even with an express pass, the queue is still going to be there (we’re looking at you, Harry Potter!). However, there are some rides that have a separate queue line for single people (as in, people who are alone) and usually, the single lines are shorter than the regular one.

If you’re there in a group, just split up and queue up at the single line, pretending that you don’t know each other. It works every time, trust us.

Pro tip: Check out the signages at the entrance of the ride to see if that attraction has a single person queue. The signages would usually display the waiting time, and if the waiting time is short, it’s time to divide and conquer.

#5 Buy the tickets beforehand

Don't buy your tickets last minute.
Guys, we shouldn’t be telling you this, but always purchase your tickets before you head to Universal Studios Japan. If you arrive at the theme park without a ticket, you would have to queue up to purchase the tickets, and then join another queue to enter the park.

Trust us, you would need to save all your energy for the queuing inside the park.

Pro tip: You can purchase a one-day, a one-and-a-half day or a two-day Universal Studios Japan passes online from KLOOK. Once you’re done, a QR code will be delivered to your phone, and you can just head over to the turnstile, get it scanned and voila, you’re in the park while the poor souls are still queueing outside.

One of the best and most reliable sites to buy all your Universal Studios Japan tickets is none other than KLOOK, your one-stop shop for itinerary planning and ticket purchases.

With the KLOOK app, you’ll be assured that you can get all the Universal Studios Japan passes you need at the best price, guaranteed.

In fact, they are currently offering tickets to Universal Studios Japan’s upcoming year-end attractions:

Universal Crystal Christmas 2019 Crystal Promise

Massive light show for Christmas? Yes, please!Running from 14 November 2019 to 13 January 2020, spend the most wonderful time of the year watching the most spectacular winter show in Universal Studios Japan.

Featuring the world’s most illuminated Christmas tree, the most splendid fireworks show, projection mapping, and whole lot of other surprises, you will definitely leave the theme park in awe.

The world's most amazing Christmas tree?
With KLOOK’s viewing pass, you can catch the show at a special viewing area. You can buy the viewing pass here.

Universal Studios Japan Countdown Party 2020

Welcome the new year in style!
Want to ring in the new year in the best way possible? Then you should take part in the Universal Studios Japan’s countdown party! You'll be living it up all night long in the spectacle and magic of Japan's most famous theme park.

Featuring the most popular seasonal shows such as the ‘Street Show’, ‘Minion Snow Fight’ and the grandest fireworks display you’ll ever see in your life, there’s seriously no better way to welcome the year 2020.

With this party pass, you can enjoy the theme park for 26 consecutive hours! Get your countdown party pass here.

What are you waiting for, boys and girls? Visit KLOOK’s official website here or download the app on Google Play or the App Store to start booking!
We’ll see you guys at Universal Studios Japan, yeah?
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