WhatsApp To Stop Working On These Phones From 1 January 2020 Onwards

Uh oh!

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WhatsApp To Stop Working On These Phones From 1 January 2020 Onwards
Are you one of those who own an old smartphone and not willing to trade it in for a newer version because you ‘sayang’ it too much?

Well, you may need to change your smartphone soon.

Stopping support for WhatsApp

Today Online reported that millions of smartphone users will soon lose access to WhatsApp on their devices. 

The announcement was made by the popular messaging app on Friday (13 December).

According to the company, the service will stop supporting Windows Phones from 1 January 2020 onwards, and older iOS and Android devices after 1 February.

“Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time,” said WhatsApp on a notice on its system requirements page.

The company said users must own a device that is capable of running the iOS 9 or Android 3.0 operating system in order to keep using the app.

List of gadgets affected

So, anxious to find out if your dinosaur smartphone is affected by this announcement?

Here's a list of gadgets that will lose access to WhatsApp:

-          iPhones older than the iPhone 5

-          All Microsoft Lumia devices

-          HP Elite smartphones

-          Most Android devices launched in 2010 or earlier

If you guys are using any of the smartphones above,  it's probably time for you to think about upgrading.

After all, who can afford to miss out on those important messages from your tens of WhatsApp groups, right?

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