Our Favourite 90s Ice Cream, Walls Viennetta, Is Finally Back In Malaysia!

Shut up and take our money!

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Our Favourite 90s Ice Cream, Walls Viennetta, Is Finally Back In Malaysia!
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Oh how we've missed you!

90s kids, do you still remember one of the most iconic ice creams of our childhood days?

The ice cream in question is none other than Walls Viennetta, marketed as somewhat a luxurious ice cream back in the day.

As kids, we can only dream of indulging in Viennetta once in a blue moon and now that we’re adults, the memory of the ice cream remains and we’re constantly on the hunt to enjoy it again.

Well, good news Malaysians, wait no more because the Viennetta ice cream is back on our shores.

Get ready to empty the aisle and bring all the boxes home, guys!

Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) recently shared a photo of the ice cream on their Instagram page with the caption: “Yes, that's right! Since it's Christmas, we have more ice creams! Walls Viennetta has been a family favourite for any festive period.

"Available in two flavours, Vanilla and Mint, it's sure to add to the festivities.”

A lot of excited Malaysians who were probably ready to take a sweet walk down memory lane commented on the post, expressing their excitement on the return of the ice cream.

Over at Twitter, some Viennetta lovers also shared the news along with its price tag, which is reportedly about RM35 per box.

We know RM35 is a lot but it might just be worth it for the sake of your childhood memories.

So hurry, visit the nearest B.I.G today before the ice cream runs out!

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