Singaporean Michelin-Starred Chicken Rice Restaurant Opens Outlet In KL

The chef was born in Malaysia, by the way.

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Singaporean Michelin-Starred Chicken Rice Restaurant Opens Outlet In KL

Bringing his famous dish back home.

Do you know how we know that Malaysia has yummier food than Singapore?

When a Singaporean chef wants to open a restaurant in Malaysia.

Second outlet in Malaysia

Singapore’s Michelin-starred chicken rice Hawker Chan has recently opened an outlet in Kuala Lumpur, The Star Online reported.

The restaurant is famed for its soy sauce chicken rice created by Malaysian-born Chan Hon Meng.

It's here, guys!
Known as the “cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world”, the soy sauce chicken is said to be different because it comes with a soy sauce-glazed skin.

According to Chan, the reason why he decided to open an outlet in Kuala Lumpur was because it's difficult to find a restaurant specialising in soy sauce chicken rice around town.

“Now, customers get to savour the original recipe here in Kuala Lumpur, ” Chan was quoted as saying during the opening of the restaurant in Petaling Street, the second outlet in Malaysia.

Have some Michelin-starred restaurant.
The first restaurant was opened in Jalan Theatre in Chan’s hometown, Ipoh, back in February.

Hawker Chan was awarded one Michelin star by the Michelin Guide Singapore in 2016.

What are you waiting for, guys? It's time visit Hawker Chan and fill up your tummy!

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