This Adorable Cat Is The Newest Internet Star For Its Resemblance To Baby Yoda

Adorable, she is.

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This Adorable Cat Is The Newest Internet Star For Its Resemblance To Baby Yoda
Facebook/Jana Aviles & Disney

Real life Baby Yoda, she is!

Unless you've been living under a really large rock, you'll probably heard of Baby Yoda - the adorable little being from Disney+'s 'Star Wards' series 'The Mandalorian'.

Baby Yoda is all the rage right now, as Netizens can't seem to get enough of him and it's easy to see why; he's just so darn adorable.

And now, a cat has become the internet's latest celebrity...for her resemblance to Baby Yoda.

Her name is Yoda Cat

Check out the cutie.
According to ABC News, the cat in question is a rescued cat at the Cabarrus Animal Hospital in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Veterinarian assistant Jana Aviles, a self-confessed huge 'Star Wars' fan, snapped several photos of the kitty and uploaded it onto her Facebook page.

Her post has since gone viral, racking up more than 2,800 comments and 4,500 shares:

According to Aviles, the adorable cat was "brought in by a rescue after she was found [as] an injured stray.”

Aviles also added that Yoda Cat has some physical scars and is missing her front tooth, and that's the reason why her tongue is sticks out.

Found her forever home

Due to the attention her post got, people from all over the country has offered to adopt the kitten.

Thankfully for Yoda Cat, she's found her forever home, and the person who adopted her was none other than Aviles.

"Got her", Aviles shared in another post:

In fact, Aviles even set up a Facebook page for Yoda Cat, and you can follow her journey here.

Good to know Yoda Cat has got a loving home.

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