Did You Guys Know That There's Now An Indoor Theme Park In Sungei Wang Plaza?

Go check it out.

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Did You Guys Know That There's Now An Indoor Theme Park In Sungei Wang Plaza?
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Get your sweat on, guys!

When you mention indoor theme parks around the Klang Valley, a couple of popular ones come to mind: the one in Berjaya Times Square and of course, the one in Genting Highlands.

If you're already sick and tired of visiting these indoor theme parks, there's some great news for you.

The Klang Valley has just welcomed its newest indoor theme park, and its located inside a mall that is sadly a little bit forgotten. 

An adventure and entertainment space

Are you guys ready?
This new theme park is called Beast Park, and you can find it at the Jumpa annex in Sungei Wang Plaza.

Yep, the Sungei Wang Plaza you used to frequent to buy cheap clothes and the latest electronics and gadgets.

Get your climbing gear on.

According to its website, Beast Park is an indoor theme park with a five-in-one concept that includes a Camp5 climbing gym, a Beast Junior active playground, Beast Academy training programmes, floating nets and also a cafe.

You'll also find tonnes of interactive games and activities at the park, such as a state-of-the-art ninja obstacle course and a maze.

Fun for the whole family.
The park was designed to be a cool hang out spot, featuring 15m-high ceilings with natural light, contemporary fixtures, and social activities complemented by a cafe that offers coffee and healthy food.

“This theme park is all about unleashing your inner beast. It’s an adventure and entertainment space for families and friends to come together to have fun, lepak (chill out) and spend time together,” park manager Fara Yasin told The Star Online.

The park is open from 10am to 10pm every day, so if you're looking for a fun thing to do this weekend, you know where you should go. Check out their official website by clicking this link

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