Kitty Cat Destroys Owner's 2,434-Piece Doraemon Figurine, Not Sorry At All

Look at his face!

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Kitty Cat Destroys Owner's 2,434-Piece Doraemon Figurine, Not Sorry At All
Facebook/ภูมิมัย พรทอง

Just look at the cat's face. Cannot tahan!

This writer is not a big fan of cats.

Sure, they do look cute and sometimes, they can be a great source of entertainment. 

But there are also times where cats can be extreme a--holes, as this poor man found out the hard way.

Kitty the destroyer

Check out the size of that thing.
A toy seller from Thailand recently took to his Facebook page to share a rather infuriating incident involving his pet cat and a humoungous Doraemon figurine.

According to his Facebook post, the figurine was made out of 2,432 blocks that a customer commissioned him to build.

The man revealed that it took almost one week for him to build the figurine, as the customer wanted to collect it before the new year.

A close up look at the figurine.
Unfortunately for the poor man, his pet cat did not get the memo that the Doraemon figurine was not a play thing, and it did this: 

Who? Me?
Of course, the man was furious. We would be, too, if this happened to us.

He commented on his post: "I will kill you!!!"

Sorry not sorry.
The man's post has gone viral on the social media site, amassing more than 70,000 shares and 22,000 comments, most of them can't help but laugh at the man's predicament and go 'awww' at the kitty's 'totally not sorry' expression. 

Maybe the kitty cat was just jealous that his owner was spending more time with a fake blue cat?

Oh, in case you're wondering, the man did not actually kill his cat, as he later posted a photo of him posing with it, presumably after they buried the hatchet.

Sigh, cats! Whatever will we do without them?

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