The First M'sian Superhero, Sun Bird, Set To Make His Debut In This Mobile Game Soon

Coming out this week.

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The First M'sian Superhero, Sun Bird, Set To Make His Debut In This Mobile Game Soon
Twitter/Marvel Future Fight

Are you guys ready for Sun Bird?

Remember a couple of months ago when we revealed that a new keris-wielding Malaysian superhero is set to make his debut in the ‘Marvel Future Fight’ mobile game ?

Wait no more: you'll soon get to play as Sun Bird really, really soon.

In fact, this week, if things go according to plan.

Update is coming soon

After months of dropping teasers, the new character is expected to be available after the latest update to the game, estimated to be available for download on 8 January.

According to a report by The New Straits Times, Sun Bird is one of four members of the 'Warriors of the Sky' team, exclusively created for the game developed by Netmarble Corporation, a mobile-gaming company based in South Korea.

The new characters were created by Marvel Games production director, Malaysian-born Danny Koo.

Warriors of the Sky is actually a new Marvel original team inspired by Asian mythology creatures,” he said during a live stream published on Marvel Future Fight’s official Facebook and YouTube account today.

Other members of the team that would be available after the latest update include War Tiger from Thailand, Blue Dragon from Vietnam, and Shadow Shell from Taiwan.

“This is very much ingrained in Asian mythological stories. To the North (of the region), we have the hybrid of a snake wrapped around a turtle (Shadow Shell), we have the fiery bird (Sun Bird) to the South, we have the War Tiger in the East and to the West is the Blue Dragon.

“These (the new characters) are also inspired by the four different foods that I like… I love Vietnamese and Thai foods, I love Taiwanese dumplings. And I was born in Malaysia and Malaysian food is fantastic,” Koo was quoted as saying.

'Sun Bird' has five abilities

Meet Malaysia's very own superhero.
Koo told the daily that Sun Bird is a "fun one". He will be armed with two keris and was initially a pirate roaming around the Straits of Melaka and attacked Dutch merchant ships for the loot to support his family as well as friends in the 1600s.

One day, Sun Bird’s crew led a mutiny against him, and used his keris to stab him in the back during the incident.

The attack left Sun Bird bleeding to death.

Marvel Introduces A Keris-Wielding Malaysian Superhero In New Mobile Game

“But his blood actually awakened the (spirit of the) two keris, which is a traditional weapon in Malaysia, that subsequently revived him. It actually awakened the spirit of the Sun Bird,” he said.

Koo also revealed that Sun Bird' has five skills, including double keris ‘keris’ dash, burning blade, pirate rush, red implosion and wings of the sun bird.

We don't really know what the abilities do, but it does sound super exciting! Are you guys ready for Sun Bird's debut?

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