Food Website Says 'Nasi Goreng' Resembles Fried Rice, Southeast Asian Foodies Triggered!

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Food Website Says 'Nasi Goreng' Resembles Fried Rice, Southeast Asian Foodies Triggered!
Twitter/Food Insider

It's like having fried rice, but it's nasi goreng.

Hey, already making lunch/dinner plans? Let us introduce you to this dish.

It's a rice dish that resembles fried rice.

It's called nasi goreng.

One small tweet, one big reaction

In case you're wondering, yes; we know that nasi goreng is fried rice, but some people don't.

A post on Twitter has gone viral - and struck a nerve with us fellow Southeast Asians who can't live without our fried rice - because of a little boo-boo by an Indonesian rapper. 

Twitter page @Food Insider recently posted a video showing Indonesian rapper Rich Brian cooking fried rice, with a caption that did not go down too well with many foodies out there.

“Resembling fried rice, nasi goreng is made with a thick, sweet Indonesian soy sauce called kecap,” read the caption.
  OK, just in case some of you really do not know because you don't speak the language, nasi goreng literally translates to fried rice:

The only shocking thing for us is that despite the Bahasa Malaysia language sharing similiarities with Bahasa Indonesia, an Indonesian rapper does not know that nasi goreng is literally fried rice!!!

Of course,  Food Insider's tweet was mercilessly ‘attacked’ by Netizens:
After the whole issue blew up the Internet, Food Insider finally realised their mistake, but it's too little too late:
Oh well, all we can say is that we need to do some research before posting anything online.

Now if you'll excuse us, we are going to order ourselves some nasi goreng!

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