There's A New Photography Trend Called 'Nutscaping', And It's Pretty Ballsy

Super NSFW though.

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There's A New Photography Trend Called 'Nutscaping', And It's Pretty Ballsy
Instagram/Official Nutscaping

This trend, be gone!

Every few months (and maybe years), someone will introduce a new photography trend. 

Some are pretty memorable (remember the hand-holding couple?) and some...let's just say that we want it to die and never come back (like the jumping shots).

This new photography trend, however, is a little bit in the gray area, because you need to have the balls to it - literally!

Taking over the internet

According to a report by Unilad, the latest trend to take over the internet is called ‘nutscaping’.

And if you know what it is just by reading the name, yes, you are correct: it involves a pair of testicles.

The report said ‘nutscaping’ can happen pretty much anywhere, as long as there’s a beautiful scenery or location for you to dangle your twins in front of.

When they spot a nice landscape, men would then dangle ‘their boys’ over the top of the camera, so the bottom of their, umm, fun bags forms a dark circle over the top of the image.

We don't how the whole trend got started, but ‘nutscaping’ is now so popular, there’s an official Intagram page called The Official Nutscaping dedicated to such photos.

In fact, there’s also a website complete with instructions of how to take the photos. In case you guys want to try it out, here’s how it goes:
  • Find yourself somewhere awesome
  • Turn your back to the awesome scene
  • Drop your pants
  • Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs

However, if you're a rebel who would want to give this a try, we need to remind you that dropping your pants in public is against the law.

And please, if you get caught, please do not tell the police Rojak Daily taught you how to do it.

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