Woman Buys Item From Carouseller; Gets Free Wig, Mannequin Head And A Ghost


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Woman Buys Item From Carouseller; Gets Free Wig, Mannequin Head And A Ghost
Facebook/Nadie Othman

Buy one item, get free ghost.

Admit it: we love shopping on marketplace app Carousell because we can usually get some cheap deals

Why would you pay full price for an item when you can buy it off a fellow shopper, right?

Of course, we've heard some horror stories when it comes to buying stuff off a marketplace: people running away with your money, items don't match its pictures, the seller taking one whole year to send your item; those sort of things.

For this one Singaporean shopper, however, she got more than she bargained for. 

Over-excited seller

You can buy ghosts on Carousell now.
The woman, one Nadie Othman, recently shared on her Facebook page about the creepy experience she got after shopping on Carousell.

According to her post, she purchased a second-hand item from a seller.

However, something out of the regular happened when when the same seller messaged her the following day wanting to give her a few beauty items for free.

For Nadie, it was a good deal. Who wouldn’t want free items, right?

So, she accepted the deal and told the seller that she would collect the free items from her a few days later.

The seller, however, insisted her to have the items that very night.

Perplexed at the seller’s urgency, she told the seller that she could pass them to her mother-in-law the following morning.

The seller was so eager to give the items away, she offered to bring them right to her doorstep at 10am the next day.

Unexplained things start happening

That was when things get extremely creepy.

After receiving the free items, which Nadie didn’t have the time to open, she began experiencing weird, inexplicable things.

According to Nadie, she started having bad nightmares, and even felt that someone or something was following her.

Out of a sudden, she also fell ill and had a fever.

To make things creepier, she got a text message from her mother-in-law at around 1am that read: “Can you return all of these items back to the seller?”

When she probed further, her mother-in-law told her that she felt the presence of something following and watching her when she was alone in the house.

Her mother-in-law also said while she was watching the television alone, she heard noises coming from the room where the free items were placed.

She said the same incidents happened repeatedly even though there was no one else in the house.

Wigs and mannequin heads

The free gifts were mannequin heads.
Pretty shook by the entire incident, Nadie decided to investigate.

She opened the free gifts and was shocked to discover that they were creepy-looking mannequin heads.

The mannequin heads came with a vintage-looking wig, allegedly from Indonesia.

The wig is apparently from Indonesia.
Nadie ended her post by saying that she has since disposed of the‘free gifts’.
You can check out her Facebook post
So guys, beware when you shop online, OK? Especially when the seller desperately wants to give you free gifts.

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