Nestlé Launches New Formulated Milk Powder That Your Kid Will Approve

Good for the little ones.

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Nestlé Launches New Formulated Milk Powder That Your Kid Will Approve
Nestlé kickstarted the new year with the launch of its new and improved NANKID OPTIPRO®, which will be exclusively available for purchase first on Lazada through the “Discover Amazing Possibles” campaign, aimed at encouraging parents to help their children realise the best possible versions of themselves. 

Nestlé’s new and improved NANKID OPTIPRO® is the latest breakthrough in child nutrition and is scientifically-formulated with a hundred million probiotics, as well as new revolutionary ingredient – 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, a type of carbohydrate derived from lactose to help improve children’s gut function.

Scientific studies show that 2’-FL Oligosaccharide helps strengthen the gut wall, increase good bacteria in the gut and removes bad bacteria.

A result of 30 years of research

The new NANKID OPTIPRO® is the result of 30 years of research, which serves to encourage a desirable balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut and therefore, an ideal body defense system for lifelong wellness.

“The body’s defense system is one of the most important systems in the human body, especially for children in their growing-up years. By supporting and nurturing the body defense system, children are now in position to have their full potentials unlocked; to Discover Amazing Possibles,” said Jasmin Estacio, Business Manager, Nestlé Nutrition Malaysia.

“At Nestlé, we believe that children should be given the opportunity to discover the best possible version of themselves, through the support of their loving family and sustenance of NANKID OPTIPRO®. Our Discover Amazing Possibles campaign is about parents helping children discover a world of possibilities in their journey to be the best that they can be,” added Estacio. 

The new NANKID OPTIPRO® is first available exclusively on Lazada. It will also be part of the leading eCommerce platform’s Milk Formula Guarantee, which offers a three-times Money Back Guarantee that the product is genuine and has at least a seven-months-to-expiry from delivery date*.

During the upcoming Lazada Lunar New Year Sale on 13 to 15 January, 18 per cent discount vouchers for the new NANKID OPTIPRO® will also be up for grabs (while stocks last, of course).  

NANKID OPTIPRO® comes in two variants – Stage 3 for children aged one to three and Stage 4 for children four years and above. Apart from the newly-added ingredient 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, NANKID OPTIPRO® also contains Optimized Protein, 100 million units of Probiotics, DHA & ARA, and no added sucrose to help support the overall growth and development of a toddler.

The new and improved NANKID OPTIPRO® is now available for purchase exclusively via Lazada, and will be available at retailers across Malaysia at a later date. 

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