British Journalist Says Nasi Lemak Is A “Wickedly Bad Meal”, Malaysians Triggered

Don’t ever ‘cari pasal’ with us about food.

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British Journalist Says Nasi Lemak Is A “Wickedly Bad Meal”, Malaysians Triggered
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We Malaysians are VERY passionate about food.

Every Malaysian knows that if there’s one thing that unites us, it’s definitely food.

The minute someone says something bad or insults it, you can count on Malaysians to be the first and last line of defense.

Insulted our national food

Recently, British journalist Katie Morley tweeted a photo that resembled our national dish with some not-so-kind words.

“In the name of public interest, am sharing this wickedly bad meal British Airways treated me to during a 13hr flight. Behold: chicken curry served with anaemic boiled egg, topped with smelly, slimy anchovies. ANCHOVIES. I quite like plane food usually, and this was a 0/10,” Morley said.
Her tweet was bombarded by messages from not only angry Malaysians, but several ang mohs who are familiar with the dish.

Some accused Katie of not learning enough about other cultures and some even tried explaining to her what a nasi lemak dish is, while others were just downright unhappy and even asked her to continue eating her bland western dishes.

Here’s how Malaysians reacted:
The Telegraph consumer journalist eventually apologised for the uproar she caused and said that she hopes to try the real thing one day.
Do you think that she really meant it or was she just annoyed with the never-ending attack from enthusiastic Malaysians?

Well, one thing’s for sure: you mess with our food, you mess with all of us!

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