Steve Irwin's Son Robert Is A Kick-Ass Photographer And He's Only 16!

Absolutely incredible!

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Steve Irwin's Son Robert Is A Kick-Ass Photographer And He's Only 16!

We all know of the Irwin family who have been tirelessly doing their part for the environment. 

From running their own zoo and learning more about the animal kingdom to educating the public through their television shows, social media and other platforms, the Irwin family is definitely impacting the world in a huge way.

Recently, we discovered the youngest Irwin, Robert, has a hidden gift - he's a super talented photographer!

We may be a little late to the party with this news as we discovered pictures from at least two years ago that looks absolutely breathtaking and even won prestigious awards, but we figured our readers would love them regardless. 
Oh my... we wonder how many times he's been bitten by a snake

The 16-year-old's photographs, which he shares on his Instagram, clearly shows his love for the animal kingdom and nature in general, as well as his patience in capturing their unique behaviours. 

We picked some from over 900 pictures he's shared, and let us tell you, it was not an easy task as all of them were quite impressive. 

It took Robert months to finally capture this image and even won him an award in 2018How little humans areLook at that koala posing for the camera. Work it, koala!So beautiful!Hello there!Look at how comfortable the platypus looks!So majestic!
A lion enjoying some rain
Haven't had enough? Follow Robert Irwin on Instagram and other social media platforms. Perhaps, we'll learn a thing or two about the animal kingdom and conservation along the way too! 

Those cameras!

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