This Blurry Selfie May Very Well Be The Last Picture Taken Of Kobe Bryant


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This Blurry Selfie May Very Well Be The Last Picture Taken Of Kobe Bryant

This could very well be Kobe Bryant's last picture.

Over the course of his career, basketball legend Kobe Bryant may have had taken thousands of pictures, from selfies with his adoring fans to magazine photoshoots.

But none of it would compare to this one blurred selfie taken with a fan a day before he lost his life.

'Mad they lost'

The photo was taken by 13-year-old Brady Smigiel at the Mamba Sports Academy on Saturday (25 January).

A day later, Bryant and his daughter Gianna, as well as seven others, were killed in a helicopter crash Calabasas, California.

Kobe was at the Academy to coach Gianna's team.
Brady's mother, Dionne Reich Smigiel, told news site CNN that Brady played for Team Edge in the Mamba Cup along with his twin brother Beau.

Kobe was at the Mamba Sports Academy to coach Gianna's team, the Lady Mambas.

The Lady Mambas lost their first game, 46-29, to Cyfair Nikecoop 2024, and when the game was over, Brady approached the 41-year-old and asked for a selfie.

"He said Kobe was 'mad they lost' and wouldn't take a pic but gave him knuckles," Dionne was quoted as saying.

Tomorrow never came to be.
Brady managed to get his selfie with the former LA Lakers superstar as he was leaving the building after Gianna's second game which they won.

However, the picture turned out to be pretty blurry.

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"Kobe said, 'We'll get a better pic tomorrow,'" Dionne told CNN.

Sadly, Brady did not get the chance to take another photo with Kobe.

The crash happened on Sunday morning.
According to Dionne, Kobe and Gianna's death hit the Smigiel family hard, as her sons "don't know how to process this".

"I woke up on Sunday and heard there was a helicopter crash in Calabasas and said to my family, 'Oh, my gosh, a helicopter just went down at the same time Kobe is supposed to arrive in Camarillo. Pray it's not him and Gigi'.

"Then an hour later we got the news. It's just all so sad," she was quoted as saying. 

Treasure that blurry selfie, Brady. You could very well be the last person to take a photo with a basketball legend.

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