Indian Girl Enters Record Book For Having Hair Longer Than The Average Height Of A M'sian

Real-life Rapunzel.

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Indian Girl Enters Record Book For Having Hair Longer Than The Average Height Of A M'sian

Hair longer than a snake? Umm, okay!

Guys, we've finally found a real-life Rapunzel!

But unlike the fairy tale, she's only a teenager, she isn't trapped in a tower and she's sort of an international celebrity.

Started with a bad hair cut

Hair-raising achievement.
Meet Nilanshi Patel, who grew up in the small town of Modasa in India.

According to news agency AFP, the 17-year-old teen is now the proud owner of the Guinness World Record for the longest hair on a teenager.

Her hair measures in at a whopping 190 centimetres, breaking the previous record of 170.5 centimetres which, no surprises here, was also set by her back in December 2018. 

(In case you're wondering about the title of this article, the average height of a Malaysian male is 164.7 centimetres, according to this website)

Patel and her proud records.
Patel told the news agency that she started growing her hair when she was six years old after a harrowing experience at the local saloon.

"Since then, I have been apprehensive about cutting my hair. My parents accepted my wishes and now my locks have become my lucky charm," she was quoted as saying.

Patel, who's aptly nicknamed 'Rapunzel' by her friends, told AFP that taking care of hair is a pretty tedious ordeal.

Her hair is longer than she is tall.
She reportedly washes her hair once a week (she did not mention how many shampoo bottles she need for one wash) and it takes her plus-minus one hour to comb and half an hour to dry.

She does so by reportedly sitting in the sun.

Also, as her hair is longer than she is tall, she has to wear high heels to keep her mane from touching the ground when she walks. 

Sounds like her hair is more of a burden than a gift, to be honest with you.

So long like snake.
Despite that, Patel still has a lot of work to do if she wants to scoop up the record for having the longest hair in the world.

The record currently belongs to one Xie Qiuping from China, whose hair measures in at a jaw-dropping length of 5.627 metres when it was measured back in May 2004!

She reportedly began growing her hair in 1973 at the age of 13. 

But hey, nothing is impossible, so good luck Patel!

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