LEGO Launches New Set That Manchester United Fans Would Definitely Want To Get Their Hands On!

In celebration of 110 years of Old Trafford

  • Tuesday, 4 February 2020
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LEGO Launches New Set That Manchester United Fans Would Definitely Want To Get Their Hands On!
Are you a LEGO and a Manchester United fan? We've got good news for you! 

You can now build your very own model of the Old Trafford brick by brick. 

Just like the real thing

LEGO has released the 3,898 Creator Expert model in conjunction with the stadium's 110th anniversary. 
The replica is pretty big, so you better make sure you have plenty of space to build and display it. If you're a fan, we're sure you'll make it work.

What we loved the most about the replica are the details.

From the printed football pitch to the Manchester United name and logo, there's so much attention given to the details that you'll be mind blown. 

The replica is 1:600 in ratio to the original building and even has the Munich memorial clock, players' tunnel and a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson to complete the look.

It's not easy to build this set, and as such, it is recommended for those 16 and above but if you're an avid fan and a LEGO pro, give it a go anyway!

Sean Jefferson, Manchester United’s Director of Partnerships said that the Old Trafford stadium is as iconic as Manchester United itself and LEGO is proud to be able to bring it to life. 

"I think everyone has played with LEGO bricks at some point in their life, however it’s still amazing to see the level of detail the LEGO designers have managed to recreate in this piece. We are sure it will be hugely popular amongst Manchester United and LEGO fans alike," he said.

According to Michael Psiaki, LEGO Design Master, to create Old Trafford in LEGO bricks was a tremendous design challenge for the team.

"The 110-year-old stadium provided us with so many important locations, features and stories to tell as we constructed this model.

"We are excited for our fans to be able to experience all of that history and attention to detail as they construct and proudly display this iconic stadium," he said in a statement.

However, you might need to save up if you want to get this set, as it is priced at RM1,149.90.

But hey, it is still cheaper than flying all the way to the UK to check out the real thing, right?

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