Malaysian Netizens Slam JDT’s Cringey 2020 Season Jersey Reveal Video

Nope, just nope.

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Malaysian Netizens Slam JDT’s Cringey 2020 Season Jersey Reveal Video
Johor Southern Tigers

What do you think of the promotional video?

Everyone knows that the Johor Southern Tigers football team, or popularly known as JDT, usually goes the extra mile whenever they produce any promotional videos for the team.

Recently, JDT released a new video to promote their new home and away jersey kits for 2020 which is sponsored by Nike.

This time around the team decided to go on a different route to promote it – a Western one.

Fans didn't like it

The video, however, didn’t go down well with a lot of Malaysians as many slammed the video for promoting Western culture, drinking, and also objectifying women.

Set in a cowboy bar in Arizona, United States, several JDT players can be seen hanging out together.

Their attention immediately shifted when suddenly a sultry looking woman wearing a slinky black dress walks in alone.

She starts dancing alone and orders herself a ‘strong’ drink shortly after. As she was just about to leave the bar, everyone starts calling her to come back in.

Can you guys relate it with the jersey reveal?
She looks back at them and suddenly one of the players unzips his hoodie to show that he’s wearing the latest JDT jersey and winks at her.

Intrigued by his jersey, she immediately walks back in and starts dancing with him while the rest of them clapped hands and cheered them on.

Here’s what Malaysians have to say about the video:
It’s a shame because they’ve got a great production team that is capable of producing high-quality editing, but the storyline fell short.

Perhaps JDT will come up with a better video next year and take into account Malaysians’ feedback.

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