There's A New Grumpy Cat, And She Looks Grumpier Than The OG Grumpy Cat

She's not happy, maybe?

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There's A New Grumpy Cat, And She Looks Grumpier Than The OG Grumpy Cat

If looks could kill, right?

Grumpy Cat needs no introduction, as he is a bona fide internet star.

But unfortunately, our Instagram feed has been pretty quiet since Grumpy Cat died at age seven last year.

Don't worry, folks; there appears to be a new Grumpy Cat to fill that kitty-sized hole that the old Grumpy Cat left.

She was adopted

Boys and girls, meet Meow Meow, the new grumpy cat who looks even more grumpier than the original Grumpy Cat.

According to Malay Mail, the cat appeared online recently and netizens were quick to point out that she resembles the Grumpy Cat as it has a permanent scowl stuck to its face.

Why so grumpy, cat?
Its Instagram page, @the_cat_named_meowmeow, already has amassed over 13,200 followers.

“A little story about the lady who has Batman mark, She looks angry but sweet; She wanna be princess but more like a queen. The lady named Meow Meow,” reads the bio.

Its owner, only known as Clare, told Bored Panda that she met the cat at an old pet shop and when she found out that her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason, she and her younger brother decided to adopt the cat.

Little Meow Meow was adopted.
Clare shared that among Meow Meow’s favourite activities include waking her up with a massage, washing herself after a meal and jumping onto her favourite place near a window to watch birds.

If you want a Grumpy Cat to brighten up your day, head over to Meow Meow’s Instagram to check her out!

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